View Full Version : Fedora 8: Jury still out, but not looking good

3rd January 2008, 03:28 PM

4th February 2008, 08:34 PM
odd- since i responded, it shows up now.

4th February 2008, 11:10 PM
my 8 is working well on the laptop.. but it's 32bit

8th February 2008, 06:45 PM
Fedora 7 is what i use at home to ;) the pulseaduio thing is bothering me (music addict :D) and i haven't seen a whole lot of features that would make me jump from my completly stable game-machine/webserver/firewall/whatnot system to a possible PITA :D

but what i have seen of F8 is very very good ;) (i have installed it several times in locations where these problems don't really matter ;))

10th February 2008, 07:00 PM
I tried installing Fedora 8, but for some reason Firefox had this weird problem where it was like part of one line of text wouldn't display. Random lines would be compressed somehow, a problem which would go away if you highlighted it. I seem to recall there were other graphical glitches as well, and messed-up fonts.

Fedora 7 remains my favorite desktop. But support ends for it soon, and I'm hoping that Fedora 9 succeeds where 8 seems to have dropped the ball.