View Full Version : New package, pam_mount-0.9.16-0.fdr.1.1

31st March 2004, 04:53 PM
Package available for Fedora Core 1 (testing).

Name : pam_mount
Version: 0.9.16
Release: 0.fdr.1.1
License: LGPL
URL : http://www.flyn.org/projects/pam_mount

Pam_mount is a PAM module that is aimed at environments with SMB (Samba or
Windows NT) or NCP (Netware or Mars-NWE) servers that Unix users wish to
access transparently. It facilitates access to private volumes of these types
well. The module also supports mounting home directories using loopback
encrypted filesystems.

o Every user can access his own volumes

o The user needs to type the password just once (at login)

o The mounting process is transparent to the users

o There is no need to keep the login passwords in any additional file

o The volumes are unmounted when a user logs out

Pam_mount "understands" SMB, NCP, and any type of filesystem that can be
mounted using the standard mount command. If someone has a particular need
for a different filesystem, feel free to ask me to include it and send me

If you intend to use pam_mount to protect volumes on your computer using an
encrypted filesystem, please know that there are many other issues you need
to consider in order to protect your data. For example, you probably want to
disable or encrypt your swap partition. Don't assume a system is secure
without carefully considering potential threats.