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9th December 2003, 06:57 AM
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Name : cfengine
Version : 2.1.0p1
Release : 0.fdr.2.p1.1
Group : System Environment/Daemons
License: GPL
URL : http://www.cfengine.org/
Summary : GNU cfengine - a systems administration tool for networks
Description :
Cfengine, or the configuration engine is an agent/software robot and a
very high level language for building expert systems to administrate
and configure large computer networks. Cfengine uses the idea of
classes and a primitive form of intelligence to define and automate
the configuration and maintenance of system state, for small to huge
configurations. Cfengine is designed to be a part of a computer immune

* Mon Dec 01 2003 Juha Ylitalo <jylitalo@iki.fi> -
- - FC1 requires m4 into BuildRequires.

* Sun Sep 28 2003 Juha Ylitalo <jylitalo@iki.fi> - 0:2.0.8-0.fdr.2.p1
- - changed init.d to follow Fedora template
- - got rid of duplicate example files
- - moved example files into input directory
- - fixed permissions on example files (removed execute permissions on

* Wed Sep 03 2003 Juha Ylitalo <jylitalo@iki.fi> - 0:2.0.8-0.fdr.1
- - delete NEWS file if its zero bytes long.

* Wed Aug 13 2003 Juha Ylitalo <jylitalo@iki.fi> - 0:2.0.7-0.fdr.4.p3
- - chmod 644 for source0
- - added missing signature to SRPM that comes out

* Tue Jul 22 2003 Juha Ylitalo <jylitalo@iki.fi> - 0:2.0.7-0.fdr.3.p3
- - fixed License from "GNU GPL" to GPL
- - init.d scripts changed to be "config(noreplace)"

* Sat Jul 05 2003 Juha Ylitalo <jylitalo@iki.fi> - 0:2.0.7-0.fdr.2.p3
- - changes to version and release to apply with Fedora's Naming
- - dropped gcc from BuildRequires
- - "2345" initlevels replaced with "-" in init.d scripts chkconfig
- - added chkconfig into %post and %pre for all init.d scripts

P.S. This update solves http://bugzilla.fedora.us/show_bug.cgi?id=764,
so its important update for all those, who are running cfservd
in there systems.
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