View Full Version : Bizarre invalid Samba share access

9th December 2007, 01:01 PM
My F8 system acts as a file server for a Windows XP client on my network. For the Windows XP users I have a share folder, and I use another folder for scheduled backups from WinXP to a folder on the server.

The user folders on the server are called ".../My Files" and the backup folder is called (you may guess) ".../Backup".

This all works fine. Access to My Files from user accounts works, and the backups occur to the Backup folder.

But... I also get invalid access to these names missing the last character of the name. For example, along with a valid backup, I get an invalid access from WinXP to "Backu" (without the 'p'). And for the user folders, I get invalid access to "My File" (no ending 's'). These appear in my samba and general message logs on the server.

What is going on with this? :eek: