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28th November 2007, 02:33 AM
Hello All!

When I start this laptop after a clean shut-down, or restart it, I get an unusable screen after udev completes. At first, the screen is black, then a couple of blue lines appear, which then bleed out and saturate the entire screen. Eventually, the whole screen bleeds to white. The computer continues to load, however, going through all the things that it usually does when it starts. I can say this because, very rarely, the nvidia drivers kick in and it goes to a login screen. This result is extremely rare, however. Usually, I have to do a hard shutdown.

I've found that if I just press and hold the power button when fedora is running, letting it just shut off, it boots fine. After udev, I get the graphical screen that lists the startup progress. What's interesting is that the Nvidia splash screen is displayed before the graphical booting screen appears. Then, if I watch what is loading, it says that it is loading the nvidia module, pauses for a few seconds, then says "module already loaded", and then it continues. I, of course, see another Nvidia splash screen right before the log in screen.

So, for a little info on the computer:
Sager NP2090 laptop
Intel Core2 Duo 2.2 GHz
Nvidia GeForce 8600 GT (lspci says its an nVidia Corporation Unknown device 0407)
Fedora 7

It's a brand new laptop, even at the store, so I was prepared for the worst. I was pretty surprised that the install went as well as it did. The only real problem was that it couldn't do a graphical install, and couldn't start X after the install. It wasn't until I installed the Nvidia drivers from livna that I ever got a graphical user interface. So, my conclusion thus far is that without the Nvidia drivers running, Fedora 7 isn't able to do graphical on this laptop. And the only reason that it boots at all with a graphical interface when I do a hard shutdown is because the nvidia module was never "unloaded". Is there a way to get the nvidia module to load from the get go? I really don't think its a good thing to be always doing hard shutdowns.

Thanks for the help!

30th November 2007, 03:37 PM
If there is no solution, what should I be looking to update in the future on the chance that it would update whatever isn't working?

Thanks again,

29th December 2007, 05:30 PM
I installed Fedora 8, and I no longer have problems with the screen on boot-ups. The graphical install process worked where it didn't during the fedora 7 install. Also, after loading the Nvidia driver, it looks like it gets loaded right after udev, where it didn't in fedora 7 unless I did a hard reboot.