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26th November 2007, 06:21 AM
I've never made a serios attempt to do anything with tv in linux or fedora before, so bear with me a little.

01:06.0 Multimedia video controller: Brooktree Corporation Bt878 Video Capture (rev 11)
01:06.1 Multimedia controller: Brooktree Corporation Bt878 Audio Capture (rev 11)
dmesg | grep tv
bttv: driver version 0.9.17 loaded
bttv: using 8 buffers with 2080k (520 pages) each for capture
bttv: Bt8xx card found (0).
bttv0: Bt878 (rev 17) at 0000:01:06.0, irq: 17, latency: 16, mmio: 0xfdeff000
bttv0: detected: Twinhan VisionPlus DVB [card=113], PCI subsystem ID is 1822:0001
bttv0: using: Twinhan DST + clones [card=113,autodetected]
bttv0: gpio: en=00000000, out=00000000 in=00f100ff [init]
bttv0: tuner absent
bttv0: add subdevice "dvb0"
DVB: registering new adapter (bttv0)Kdetv says I have no devices. Tvtime says "Cannot open capture device /dev/video0". That's not surprising since I don't have a /dev/video anything. This is what I get when I try and run xawtv from the CLI.
This is xawtv-3.95, running on Linux/x86_64 (
xinerama 0: 1680x1050+0+0
X Error of failed request: XF86DGANoDirectVideoMode
Major opcode of failed request: 136 (XFree86-DGA)
Minor opcode of failed request: 1 (XF86DGAGetVideoLL)
Serial number of failed request: 69
Current serial number in output stream: 69With the output from dmesg I ran a find on bttv0 and got back this.
find / -name bttv0
/proc/irq/17/bttv0I'm still reading other posts, but am somewhat confused. Any assistance would be welcome.

26th November 2007, 07:06 AM
Well, kaffeine at least knows I have a tvcard.
EDIT: I do have these.
/dev/dvb/adapter0/net0Among others, the following modules are active.

27th November 2007, 10:44 AM
I shall now shamelessly bump my own thread.:P