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Pierre Albarede
25th November 2007, 12:04 AM

with Fedora 7 (up to date Friday 23 Nov) and Gnome,

I asked for a clock in the menu bar but two appeared; I removed one, then the whole menu bar (to control panels and applications) disappeared.

How can I restore the menu bar ?

Removing ~/.gnome* files and rebooting did not help.


25th November 2007, 12:07 AM
What happens when you right click on the Panel, then select Add to Panel and select Notification Area ?


25th November 2007, 03:13 PM
Try launching the gnome-panel from a terminal


It will say that a panel is already running, or it will give you the error, or not...

hint: You may have to right-click on the desktop and create a launcher for gnome-terminal to make this work.

Pierre Albarede
26th November 2007, 08:43 AM

for clarity: by "menu bar" I meant the top line looking like
__________________________________________________ _________________________________________
F Aplications Places System Browser Mail ... user clock loudspeaker
__________________________________________________ _________________________________________

Maybe I should call it top panel, as opposed to bottom panel.

---First attempt (Seve)

I cannot right click on TOP panel, of course, because I cannot see it (my problem).

I can still right click on BOTTOM panel, Add to panel... Notification area
but this does not change anything.

---Second attempt (Fozner)

In terminal,

"I have detected a panel already running and will now exit"

---Further attempts

By the way, I find on my desktop a text file "main" containing:

(begin of content)

Dock=LocationBar\\0,3,1,0\\ToolBar\\0,2,1,0\\MenuB ar\\0,1,1,0

(end of content)

I add Logout icon to bottom panel, so that I can logout cleanly. I relog as root: the top panel looks OK (as above indeed).

I find this interesting message (2007-09-05):


I think I'd start by creating another account, and seeing if it generates a new set of panels with the default contents. If so, copy the gconf and gconfd directories back into your original account.

Ocassionally I have had the panels crash, and lose all contents. Due to that, when I get them set up the way I want them, I create back-ups of the gconf and gconfd folders, and store them in the root home directory so they can be moved back if the first set gets hosed.


I find ~/.gconf and ~/.gconfd and move them to gconf and gconfd. I copy /root/.gconf and /root/.gconfd to ~, change the owner, relog.

I do see the top panel!

Thanks everybody.

28th November 2007, 03:34 AM
You can make a new panel (from the right click menu on an existing panel), and add the items to it.