View Full Version : LVM data recovery

24th November 2007, 03:01 PM
My FC system was setup up with LVM (default fc8 install on an 80 gb drive). In trying to add/remove additional drives into or out of the volume group I somehow managed to whack LogVol00 which contained the root filesystem and all of my data.

I've tried about 100 different things in an effort to recover the data and nothing is working. I've looked at the disk with a disk editor and I can see that my data is still out there. But it seems like the os cannot figure out what kind of filesystem it is.

I went as far as to re-run the Fedora install DVD and when configuring the drives/install location I select 'manual/custom layout'. It sees what *should* be my volume group and the 2 logical volumes (LogVol00 - root filesystem - type "FOREIGN", LogVol01 - Linux swap). If I try to change the filesystem for LogVol00 to ext3 and select / as the mount point it WILL ERASE my drive).

Any insight into how to correct this? I'm not sure what's broken here...LVM, partition table, filesystem, etc. But I really need to recover data from this drive.