View Full Version : F8_x64: very high idle load, memory usage !?

24th November 2007, 10:33 AM

i recently replaced my laptop's ubuntu 7.10_x64 with F8_x64 and although everything is running fine i did notice that the system has a very high idle load (>0.5) and that memory usage when idle is >1.3gb. On my previous installations (ubuntu, arch, debian) the idle load was always around 0.00 or 0.01 and memory usage no more then 500mb.

I already disabled all services that I do not use, which imho are waaay to many (bluetooth, card readers, smotl, first boot, etc. it is way too much for a default install imho). I even read some F8 guides, perfect desktop thingies and stuff to improve the default setup but it still isnt the fastest kid on the block.

Is this normal behaviour? I remember from F7_x64 that it was one of the faster distros on my laptop but F8 feels rather sluggish, the boot time is no where on par with arch or even opensuse 10.3 either. I do have SElinux enabled but on F7 that didnt give me this much of a performance penalty.


24th November 2007, 11:28 AM
You are thinking of Linux as it was a few years ago.
Fedora's default services alow many different types of computer hardware to be used without having to figure out which service is needed. i.g. bsd and solaris.

Yes, after install it will not hurt to check a few unneeded services off but for the most part is it only a few MB at most and a couple of seconds off boot up time.

Linux used all the memory. It will only have free memory if it has not loaded enough programs or read (and cached) enough files. The cached is released for programs and data as needed.
There is also many in memory virtual file systems that use memory rather than disk be
cause they are not permanent across reboots, nor would using a disk be any faster than swap.

If you look at top you will see most of the idle time is being used by your x display and your terminal running top.

Another important thing to remember is than some very import bugs fixes occur for the soon after the release. These will be in updates-testing for a while so so you may not have all the updates yet.

When the other distros are updated to the current Fedora level they will run the same and use the same resources.


27th November 2007, 10:18 AM

thanks for your reply. I partially agree with you, as you stated the memory usage of modern unix like operating systems has indeed changed and the system holds more pages in memory in an efficient way. It probably is just the way fedora handles pages that differs from other distros that show a difference there.

idle load might not be an exact science either, but the point i was trying to make was that somehow it feels as if F8 is slower then arch, xubuntu, debian. real time startup is slower for apps. i can actually measure that in seconds and OOo writer takes around 15 seconds to start, from gdm to gnome takes around 15 seconds too, whereas in arch login is near instantaniously. Is also feels (subjective) somewhat slower than F7 was.

Otherwise i really like it and have since replaced two of my three pc's with F8 coming from arch and ubuntu 7.10. I is just that Fedora was always one of the better performing distros for me and lately is has been one of the more polsihed, well working, complete but slower kids on the block.