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19th November 2007, 10:22 AM
I have a dedicated server from GoDaddy, running Fedora Core 6, webmin and shorewall.

From where I work I can not use Instant Messenger applications (MSN, AIM, YIM, etc) and most of the IM sites are blocked (think meebo.com) and the ones that are not have URL's with names like messenger.?? or webmessenger.?? and are dead giveaways to what I am doing.

Since I have this server on the net, which i can only access through port 80 or 443 (maybe other ports, but I have not tested) because of the firewall policies at my work, i thought perhaps i could install something that would allow me to tunnel a few sites through it. I really only want to be able to access one site, meebo.com.

What would be the best tech for this? I was thinking squid since i can use webmin, but it seems to be a lot of work just for one site. Anything else I can use besides squid, perhaps a way with a webmin module?

Any and all help is appreciated, sucks being stuck in Iraq without being able to talk to my family.


19th November 2007, 01:08 PM

I think that if you could install sshd on the server and have it answer to port 443 or 80, you could tunnel any protocol through it. I'm not sure though, but if I were you, I'd check out that possibility. You might want to look here (http://souptonuts.sourceforge.net/sshtips.htm) for starters.

21st November 2007, 06:32 AM
Get permission from your work. If they block it they don't want you using it. If you do need it for work there's no reason to block it.

21st November 2007, 06:42 AM
Gee whiz Jman, that sounds super duper! Golly, why didnt I think of that?

Thanks for the suggestion pobbz, mucho appreciated