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12th November 2007, 09:26 PM
Fedora 8

Installed doom-shareware from livna:

Nov 11 17:41:31 Installed: SDL_net - 1.2.7-3.fc8.i386
Nov 11 17:41:33 Installed: timidity++-patches - 2.13.2-4.fc8.i386
Nov 11 17:41:33 Installed: SDL_mixer - 1.2.8-4.fc8.i386
Nov 11 17:41:34 Installed: prboom - 2.4.7-2.fc8.i386
Nov 11 17:41:35 Installed: doom-shareware - 1.9-4.s.lvn7.noarch
Nov 11 17:41:36 Installed: freedoom - 0.5-3.fc8.noarch

I also copied from my old PC-DOS CDs 'The Ultimate DOOM' and 'DOOM II' wad files.

All of these games work great except that when I finish a level, it does not advance to the next level.

For example, if I run:
prboom -iwad /usr/share/doom/doom.wad

And complete Episode-1 Mission-1, it goes to the end game screen, ie:
Hanger Finished
Kills 100%
Items 94%

But that's it. It does not prompt to go to next level.

I can select levels with:
(For Ultimate DOOM)
prboom -iwad /usr/share/doom/doom.wad -warp (1-4) (1-9) -skill (1-5)


prboom -iwad /usr/share/doom/doom2.wad -warp (01-32) -skill (1-5)

(This problem also happens with the doom-shareware and freedoom.)

I have made an attempt to search and google this, but came up empty.

Anyway, can anyone help me out on this?


23rd November 2007, 05:52 PM
I have had lots of problems with PrBoom myself, though of a different nature. I can only play FreeDoom and Doom 2 (plus doom 2 custom wads).