View Full Version : Dual boot VISTA/FC7-FC8 on an INTEL ICH9R RAID0 array : Is it possible ?

5th November 2007, 01:18 PM
Hi all,

I have a RAID0 array controlled by an INTEL ICH9R chipset. On this array i have 2 ntfs partitions for vista and data. I have installed FC7/FC8 on the remaining space on my RAID0 array using the default configuration of the GRUB bootloader -> MBR and after installation and reboot the MBR is not modified and GRUB does not show up !!!

Question : Why GRUB does not load ? Is it something with vista, my INTEL RAID0 array or both ?

Thanks for helping me out :D

NB : I tried to use the FC8-RC3 on my FC8-RC3 system without GRUB to install it manually -> dmraid -ay tells me my INTEL RAID is ok BUT fdisk -l tells me UNABLE TO SEEK ON DEV/SDA !!! What does it mean ? How can i solve my problem please ?