View Full Version : Odd "bar-coding" on laptop monitor after running top

30th October 2007, 01:28 AM
I have this odd problem when I run top on my laptop. After running it, I get two stripes that look sort of like barcoding in the bottom right hand corner. They are either black-and-white or white-and-black with some striping and odd "notches." Basically, if what's behind it is black, the striping is mostly white, and vice-versa. Almost like a negative but not with color.

I tried taking a screenshot, but oddly it doesn't show up on the screenshot. :confused: So the first thing I thought was "hardware issue" but:

* I don't have any other problems with the monitor in any operating system
* it only happens after I run top (doesn't go away after I close top, either - I have to kill and restart X)
* restarting X makes it go away until I start top again

I don't have a digital camera but if I get my hands on one I'll take a different sort of "screen shot". :)

Using Fluxbox and mostly qt apps on this machine. Happens as far as I can tell both when running top from an already open console and launching it from a fluxbox menu item.