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29th October 2007, 11:17 PM
Hey everyone i have been using fedora 7 for a little while now and was wondering how things worked when a new release came around. Do you lose all your files when you update? Do you have to reinstall all your programs? I was going to put fedora on my laptop but i know how much of a pain in teh arse it is to configure the wireless card in linux, and i dont want to have to go through the trouble more than once. What is the upgrade like?

30th October 2007, 04:28 AM
The advised and best (imho) method is to do a clean install. There are too many little parts that can get missed the other way. Often these goofed parts only cause a slowdown and not a true crash.

As to the programs; all the libraries change so for the most part you will have to install the newer version for that version. A lot of people have a separate /home partition so they can keep their data, config files, etc. Since there is ALWAYS a risk that something might go wrong, I now back up anything important and do a clean (everything) install.

A lot of us only upgrade every other version, so we only have to upgrade once a year. It is usually best to wait a week or two after a new version is released becuase there is almost always a (or many) bug that pops up.

Good Luck

30th October 2007, 08:24 AM
You may want to keep track of all files you changed. That way you can do a clean install and compare the diff between your changes and the original .conf files, etc.

I would copy the original .conf file with .original as file extension and down the road, just type 'locate *.original'. it shows all the files I changed.