View Full Version : seamonkey open in new tab doesn't work after upgrade

27th October 2007, 11:59 PM

Earlier today I did a yum upgrade. among the packages upgraded was
seamonkey i386 1.1.5-1.fc7 updates 15 M

Since then I've got two problems.

The first is that right clicking on a link and choosing "open in a new tab" does not work. The option is there, but choosing it causes nothing to happen.

The other problem is that the spell check is partly broken. It will put that red jagged line under misspelled words but right clicking on them doesn't give any option to correct the spelling. In fact all it does is give the usual right click menu.

Is there anything wrong with downgrading to the previous version? If there isn't anything wrong with doing that, how do I perform the downgrade?

Thanks in advance.