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27th October 2007, 02:37 PM
Hi guys.
Something just happened and I can't make it disapear.
As I was just taking some notes in Gedit, the file browser with my /home window open crashed on me. After that, nothing helped to make it functional. Rest of GNOME desktop works fine. Even desktop icons. However, if I try to access the Home dir (clicking on HOME icon), then Nautilus tries to start and from here it hangs + other icons on the desktop become inresponisve. I can, however, still use graphical environment by starting apps from GNOME panel / start menu. Weird things, indeed. I first thought I could solve it by restarting, both X and entire computer - no help. I tried even to remove Nautilus-specific config files in located in my ~/.gconfig dir (this way I managed to solve some other problems that were GNOME-related) but no help. Every time I restart my computer, Nautilus will hang when I try to open my Home dir icon...

I was getting some messages after system reboot about bonobo-server, and that killing it and then restarting it and Nautilus would help - it didnt.

Please help.
This is frustrating.
Thanks in advance!

27th October 2007, 02:47 PM
is your system up to date ?

can you login as root and have the same errors? can you create a new account and login to it to see if the issue is user/system specific?