View Full Version : fortune cookie at gui login

26th October 2007, 06:03 AM
I guess this is a how to. we can run fortune cookie on the command line or at the start of the bash shell.
BUT howto run it in the start login screen.
[rob@new-host ~]# fortune
He knows not how to know who knows not also how to unknow.
-- Sir Richard Burton
[rob@new-host ~]# fortune cookie
"Remember, extremism in the nondefense of moderation is not a virtue."
-- Peter Neumann, about usenet
[rob@new-host ~]# fortune -s
"In short, N is Richardian if, and only if, N is not Richardian."

But HOWTO in the login GUI (fedora 7)


26th October 2007, 09:05 AM
Add GAI Pal to your panel