View Full Version : Fedora Core 7 and X Session

25th October 2007, 09:42 AM
I have installed Fedora Core 7 in one of the PCs. I intend to obtain the X display on a windows machine and for this I am using XManager which establishes XDMCP with the mentioned host. I am trying to connect to the FC7 using XDMCP from XManager, but I am unable to establish the connection !!
Interestingly, I tried to just 'telnet' to the FC7 from a windows machine which is in the same network(I enabled telnet services on FC7), but I am unable to telnet and I am getting the error "do_ypcall: clnt_call: RPC: Timed out" . But when I tried to telnet to the same FC7 from another machine which is running RH9, the telnet is being successful !!
Why am I not able to telnet from windows machine? How can I achieve the X Display to appear on my desktop using XDMCP ?

Kindly suggest.


12th November 2007, 11:51 PM
I can get access to FC7 via Xmanager, but it's too slow to not able to operate anything on that.