View Full Version : Heading back to Fedora

16th October 2007, 01:31 AM
Over the past couple of years (since I first got brave enough to try Linux) I've gone from distro to distro - mostly out of sheer curiosity but also because I've never found one that feels like it really "fits" me. I ventured into *BSD with DesktopBSD and that probably came closest to being the one for me, but ongoing hardware issues with my laptop forced me back to Linux. I'm at that point where I'm tired of "playing with" my operating system all the time. It's really easy to find yourself constantly tweaking/installing stuff - "just because". I think it's time I settled down with one distro, stuck with it and just got on with enjoying actually using it.

I see Fedora 8 isn't far away and I'm seriously considering coming back. The last version I used was 6 and from what I've read of this new version, there should be some significant improvements including better wireless support.

So, my question is - sorry it took so long to get there - for those of you currently testing 8, what are your initial impressions? Should I wait for it or is 7 not a lot different? Just interested in any opinions before I made my final decision.