View Full Version : Perl and Python

15th October 2007, 06:32 AM
Does anyone know if Perl and Python are already on FC 7 or do you have to install it. If so how do you install them? :confused:

15th October 2007, 07:06 AM
Python is a prerequisite for many of the fedora pacakges so it is likely to be installed when you install the system. just check what you get when you throw the command 'python' at the shell. If you get the python prompt you are okay; if the shell complains about 'command not found' you'll need an installation. just check the fedora repo: yum search python

Note that you may need some external python libraries in your code so python alone is usually not enough... but quite a lot of them is included in the standard fedora package repository so you can get them via yum ... just type "yum install name_of_the_package"

I don't code in perl but I guess things are similar with it. you search for "perl" in the repo and you really get a legion of them.