View Full Version : SD cards, USB, and devices in /media ?

20th September 2007, 06:19 PM
Can someone explain what is happening when I stick an SD memory card into the slots, or connect another USB or firewire drive. I run KDE normally (have not verified if the same stuff happens in Gnome). Usually the drive/card is recognized (by something), and I get a window asking what I want to do about it. Usually I say open in new window. But what is actually happening. For example I notice that the SD card get mounted in /media, but not sure how, and exactly in what way. Also I see references to "system::/media", and other cryptic notes. I find I cannot simply drag and drop into the SD card, even as a root user, but I can go into a root term and mv or cp to the card.

It is frustrating to have something that is more or less working, but not to know how and why. (I like to think that is the world of WinDoz users who think things happen by magic, and are treated as morons to be controlled from WA stat !!)

What happens and how can I take charge of it, or administer it. I hate this tendency to hide things in the computer world. MS started it, and it is insidious !

Any tutorials about this stuff ?


22nd September 2007, 12:04 AM
How about a simpler version of the question.

When a USB or firewire drive or stick is plugged in, what process recognizes it,
and how and where does it get mounted ? Assume the disk(s) are formatted in fat32.