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16th September 2007, 11:56 PM
Is there such a thing as a Linux to Windows / Windows to Linux dictionary? I have a very customized Windows 98 boot including a several hundred line .bat file which would/does do a lot of the repetitive maintenance tasks on a daily basis, boots different applications with several choices of variants on profiles, etc.. One presumes Linux has the same capabilities, but I would rather learn how to do these things straight out than, over the next five years, to see a bit of a script here and there and steal one technique from each and eventually, several years from now, manage to figure out how to get a file to run at startup or have the computer be able to do its own customized maintenance in Linux.

In all fairness, that IS how I learned DOS .bat files (I looked at install .bat files on what were then install floppies and figured out what the .bat file commands were doing). The point is, though, that I can customize the hell out of a Windows machine, and it's a shame to have to throw all of that knowledge away because there's no reasonable source of translation/documentation. I basically feel like I'm using another version of Windows at this point because all I can do is 'Click the Click-box to install', which STRONGLY resembles Microsoft. That's not where I want to go; if I wanted that, I just keep running Windows and customizing it further.

So, where can I look to put what is actually quite a bit of tweaking ability to use without starting at the "This is a floppy disk, this is a keyboard" stage all over?

(Sorry if this started to sound like a rant. )

17th September 2007, 01:06 AM

18th September 2007, 04:54 AM
Oh, yeah, THAT'S what I was looking for I think. A little 'light reading'. Thanks, Pete! :-D