View Full Version : Konqueror inducing narcolepsy in users...

8th September 2007, 07:02 PM
Hi there guys,

I often use two browsers when working on sites, one to view as admin and one to view as unprivileged user. I have found that Konqueror is always slow to generate the pages, but sometimes it's terrible!

I am on a satellite connection, so it's never very speedy, but it's compounded when using this browser.

I remember years ago, I read about a tweak to Firefox that would allow you to change the browser to begin showing the page before it's completely loaded. Is there something like this that I can do with the big K, or do you suspect that the problem lies elsewhere?

I like using the browser because it's like the soup nazi in terms of codes compliance, but it's tough to use like it in it's current state.

Any thoughts are greatly appreciated.