View Full Version : Can a mofo get a good exchange client?

7th September 2007, 07:33 AM
Well, i pissed off my IT department and put FC7_64 on my laptop.

I have everything i need to do my job working (sshd :), rdesktop, wvdial for evdo, vpnc to connect to the concentrator, vmware-server, and open-office.

My only problem is that evolution-exchange f$#in blows.

It will work great, for a moment, then all of a sudden i will not be able to view a folder. It will either show now messages at all, or allow me to view the subject, but when i try to open the message, it will say the message was deleted.

I can sometimes, view the contents of the message, if i move the folder the message is in to a different folder.

Really, will not be able to view the contents of a folder. But i can copy a folder to an existing sub folder, and then i will be able to view it.

Also, evolution is removing my messages from the exchange server, For non exchange email accounts, this is the standard "leave a copy of the message on the server" option under -->edit-->preference-->view email accounts---->rcv email ..or something similar in other clients. This does not seem to be an option in evolution

The bottom line is, evolution is working, i can get all my email, but im constantly having to BS with it, and its the only application on my system that doesnt work like a frickin dream.

I did have to right click on every folder individually and select the "copy content for offlline operation" box, which may explain why the messages are being removed from the server, but before i did that, evolution would hang for an hour every time i would start it, after authenticaion, presumably trying to sync my 300mb exchange inbox/sub folders.

Is there a better client? Web access is no substitute for Outlook.

(imap is not an option)