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26th August 2007, 01:20 AM
First the issue.
Fedora 7 freezes upon every attempt of installation at either the package selection or the checking of dependencies for the packages that were selected.

What has been tried.
- Media check: Media passed.
- Fedora 7 Live CD: PC boots to Fedora 7 Live with no errors.
- Fedora 7 text install: installation halts - no change in issue
- Fedora 7 Live install: installation halts - no change in issue
- Fedora 7 Network install: installation halts - no change in issue
- Fedora 6: installation completes. PC boots into Fedora 6 after install.
- Kernal options: noapic , acpi=off, pci=biosirq, irqpoll, nofb, pci=nomsi - no change in issue
- switched CD drives - no change in issue
- disabled SATA in BIOS - no change in issue

tty4 reports:
IRQ errors: IRQ 7 was being disabled; bad irq assignments. - fixed error with "irqpoll"
checking for dmraid - installation froze at this check - fixed with turning off SATA in BIOS
timing errors with apic - fixed with "noapic" and "apic=off"

Current standing.
tty4 has no visible errors to report. tty3 as well, has no visible errors to report. Installation will freeze at the same point described above under "First the issue". The system does not freeze, only the installation. The shell is still running accepting commands.

Asus A8N-VM - integrated graphics, sound, and network
AMD 3800 x2 64 939
Corsair XMS 3200C2 1GB
WD 250 IDE
WD 250 SATA x 2
Sony CD/DVD - RW

Next Steps
- Currently downloading Fedora 8 Test - will try this installation.
- Compile Fedora 7 to custom fit this system - last resort - not that I don't enjoy this.

I usually am able to solve these issue with enough time and a good connection to Google. This one however, has stumped me. I would be pleased to hear from all you on this issue who enjoy the freedom and power the linux world brings to us.

26th August 2007, 02:31 AM
Looks like I'm not the only one at a loss.

26th August 2007, 03:15 AM
Here what I did. Install the LIVE CD onto your machine first, then go to Add/Remove software to install the rest parts. Oh, don't select all applications to install at one time. Do them one category each time. Took me about 3 days in total.