View Full Version : Gnome panel errors

22nd August 2007, 01:21 PM
When I login to my useraccount I get all sorts of which state that panels could not be loaded.

I have tried creating a new user account, which does not have this problem.

I have also tried to remove the folowing folders:


But the problem keeps persistant, I also found this in .xsession-errors

** (gnome-panel:17329): WARNING **: panel-applet-frame.c:1283: failed to load applet OAFIID:GNOME_ShowDesktopApplet:
'!prefs_key=/apps/panel/applets/applet_0/prefs;background=none:;orient=down;size=x-small;locked_down=false kon niet gevonden worden of het uitbreiden hiervan is mislukt

Can anybody help me on this one?