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20th August 2007, 02:07 AM
Does anyone know of a good program to allow DHCP Internet access using 2 NIC's without nat and iptables?

for some reason when I install ispconfig hosting panel it screws up regular dhcp client and nat iptables configuration.

any help would be appreciated =]

20th August 2007, 02:59 AM
If I'm understanding your question correctly....

Your ISP provides DHCP service, you want to have 2 PCs talk to the I-net. If so, this is a way to do it:

I-net connection - ISP provides IP addys for clients via DHCP
| | <even if switch has more than 2 ports for LAN, only 2 will have IPs>
<PCs on LAN>

If that's correct, that's all you you need. You don't need a router or a Linux box.

You'd put a router/Linux box in if you need to to do NAT, provide a DHCP server for your LAN, etc. But, if you have 2 IPs from your ISP and they assig them via DHCP - you only need a switch on the LAN side of whatever device you use to connect to your ISP (DSL modem, cable modem, etc). Plug your LAN members into the swicth, configure them as DHCP clients and go to work.

Now, if your ISP is only providing you one IP (no matter how it's assigned), and you want to connect more than one client to the I-net, you must use at least NAT provided by a router/Linux box. Iptables is good for this. You'll have to manually configure your LAN side IPs, unless you also setup DHCP on that router/linux box.

20th August 2007, 03:49 AM
if using linux to share an internet connection, try firestarter