View Full Version : SCreen saver blanks screen ?

19th August 2007, 08:32 PM
My system keeps shutting down the screens periodically, even though I shut off the screen saver.
I checked all power settings I could find, and everything is shut off, yet it keeps shutting the screens periodically. I checke dthe BIOS, no power save features.

I usually run in KDE (user mode). Not sure if same problem running Gnome (my root mode gui).

Where can I look to check for screen power saving features ?


By the way, after the inevitable initial frustrations getting F7 up and running,,,,,, I LOVE IT !!!
It is so slick compared to the older versions, and of course way way better than Windoz.

Long way to go but way closer to a consumer desktop !!! Heck even open office is fast now, and reads in my word and powerpoint docus. (Unfortunately of course no VBA which we engineers must use these day, but for everything else BRAVO Fedora !!!)

Just to list sucesses; VPN, Firefox, Mail, Xine for Kaffine runs commercial DVD's !!!

I will start another topic on Kaffine cd ripping...