View Full Version : Weird issue regarding dual booting accross two internal Hard Drives

19th August 2007, 06:58 AM
I have Fedora 7 install on a second hard drive and a good chunk of free space on another drive that my windows install is on. I have the Grub installation of the main hd and can boot to both Fedora and Windows fine however when i try to add a second or even third distro to to the grub configuration it does not see to recognize the installation.

The various methods I have used are

1) the chainloader +1 option makeing sure to specify a root tag with the appropriate hd # and part #

2) I have tried to use the configfile option as well and have had no luck ethier way.

So far the two distros I have tried are Ubuntu 7.0.4 and PCLinuxOS 2007

When I had done this before and had my windows install on the second HD and Linux on the main one I did not have any issues however I can not get it to load at all.

Also I have tried using a program called EasyBCD in Vista to configure the boot loader that comes with it to load the distros and I had it working for Fedora for about 2 weeks until i tried to install a new distro on a different partition.

Bottom line is there a way for me to set this up short of moving windows to the other HD?