View Full Version : Windows always cannot see fedora after fedora restarts...

18th August 2007, 10:36 AM

Got a strange issue. All the windows pc always cannot access fedora after fedora is restarted/ shut down. I must always goto Samba Server, and try to check the "visible" checkbox under Basic. (I've some folders shared). Then, windows can access the Linux machine.

I using the 64bit GUI version, F7. Not sure if this a.... bug?

cos the "visible" checkbox always automatically removes the tick in the box even though the setting reads under VIsibility is visisble.

I juz gotta tinker with this setting, then windows can access Fedora, else it will never be able to access Fedora.

I've tried to disable SELinux and Firewall. Its still the same. I don't think these 2 are the causes. Like what i mentioned above, i just need to tick the "visible" checkbox in Samba server.... Strange, but true.

Would greatly appreciate if someone can advise and help.

Many thanks.