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7th August 2007, 07:38 AM
I am currently installing and trying to setup a Linux server for my home using Fedora 64bit. And here are a few things I have observed while installing this numerous times and learning it.
1. There appears to be a partition number limit for hard drives. I cannot create on an IDE drive more than 15 partitons of any kind, period. Why would I want to? To duplicate my Windows server to transfer the data from it. I know there are other ways, (standard setup with /home folder and putting all the data under it in different folders, but again, trying to learn it.

2. In installing Fedora with KDE and using it on my desktop, after creating shares for others to see, and installing all the updates available, after rebooting from this I received a kernel panic and it stopped. I wiped the drive (wrote zeros to it) and reloaded it again with the same results. Also, the shares were visible, but could not be accessed.

3. I installed Fedora again today, using Gnome as the desktop. In doing so, I found it easier to create shares, and set permissions, and have access to them from my other computers. Also, in downloading the updates, after installing and rebooting, no kernel panic, but, I found it reset my shares and permissions back to normal (none). Is this normal?

7th August 2007, 08:03 AM
Part of the user permission could be that if the username is no longer found, the UID is used for the owner and group, and if this is no longer available, or have changed, it might be reset, but I am just guessing here... Very interesting approach

I like the info , as it always good to know the limits .. .Good luck

7th August 2007, 08:08 AM
Well, it appears that the Gnome controls for setting permissions has more flexibility for doing so than the KDE version. So, since Fedora defaults to Gnome, was wondering if this is by design or something that is a bug?