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6th August 2007, 07:05 AM
Hello everyone. I am brand new to the linux world and am hoping you can help me out. After spending most of the night getting Fedora7 installed, I am having a little trouble. I have an ATI x1900xtx videocard hooked through DVI to a 24" monitor that does 1920x1200. Unfortunately, its only outputting at 1600x1200. I think my eyes are going to start bleeding. Any idea on how to correct this issue? Keep in mind im a total noob.

Also, when I try to enable the desktop effects, it says that they could not be enabled. Any idea on how to solve that one also? Thanks for your help.

6th August 2007, 05:40 PM
bump. any help?

6th August 2007, 11:21 PM
Hello clawlan-

First up, welcome to linux, welcome to Fedora linux and welcome to the Fedora Forum.

Bet your sitting there thinking by now... "Man, this Fedora forum sucks... I'm not getting any answers."

Let me help you, not so much with your specific questions at this point, but to help point you in the right direction on how best to use this forum, or any other linux forum, and in seeking help in general.

Had you showed a bit more patience and not made that 2nd post above, which fairly says... "hey, I want answers, and I want them NOW!", someone might have taken pity by now and given a reply. The folks who off help to posts here are just regular folks, not paid pros sitting at some 24/7 help line desk. They have lives of their own. Also, it's also agreed upon that each individual who elects to take on linux will make at least some reasonable effort to help themselves before calling on others to assist them.

That said, your first and primary question has been asked, and answered, more times on this forum than anyone can keep count of. So, had you first used the Search feature on this forum and/or checked out the HOW-TO's section, you would have quickly latched onto a wealth of information to get you going down the right road to getting your monitor resolution issue resolved. /end finger wagging

Without going into too much delail, but to give you a leg up...
Your monitor setttings, as well as other things GUI, are stored in the file: /etc/X11/xorg.conf.
From a command line, as root, you can issue the command "system-config-display", or also get to the same GUI interface for configuring your display from the menu, which will let you select your display model and type from a list. If your particular model is not listed, then pick something close, that would have similar display resolution cabbilites. That configuration program will write data into the xorg.conf file. You can later manually edit the xorg.conf file to match your monitor hardware specifics exactly.

Search this forum for more detailed threads and how-to's on what you want to do, as most were written by folks who have way greater knowledge than I on how to get things done.

As for your second question, enableing 'effects', I'm not sure exactly what you mean. Fedora comes with "themes" that you can play around with, but that's just 2D appearance. I use FC6 so I can't comment on what's native in F7. For the heavy duty eye-candy 3D effects, such as provided by beryl, those have to be installed from the extras repository. But before you can go 3D effects, you'll need to install the proprietary drivers for your ati video card.

One step at a time. Get your monitor configured so your eyes stop bleeding, then install the ati video drivers (yes, tons of help already posted here and how-to's for that on this forum), then, once you've got that all working properly and stable, then install beryl or whatever whiz-bang desktop manager you care to. You'll likely encounter problems along the way. When you get really stuck, post here, discribing your predicament in enough detail that others can figure our where you are in order to help you better. We're glad to help.


Ok rangers, lock and load. That big nasty mech called linux bearing down on us is going to be conquered, tamed, taught to do new tricks and do our bidding.