View Full Version : FC native version of Openoffice vs. OO.org version

2nd August 2007, 09:39 PM
I recently upgraded to FC6 (5 CD set) from FC4 from Redhat 9. My installation of Redhat 9, contained Openoffice 1.0.2. Through all the upgrades, I seem to have retained that version. Does FC6 contain its own native build of Openoffice, and, if so what is the version number? Should not having installed FC6 automatically upgraded me to that version? Instead of closely reading the documentation prior to installation, I downloaded 2.2.1, and tried installing it, but didn't have any luck. Could this have been because of some conflict with the native build? Should I wish to, should I now delete OO 2.2.1, and if so, how? If I simply delete 1.0.2, I fear I will no longer have any version. If FC6 has a native build, and it was not automatically installed, how do I install it? Thanks.

William Haller
2nd August 2007, 10:05 PM
Broken apart into a suite of package RPMs - openoffice.org-*

FC7 version is Version 2.2.0-14
FC6 version appears to be 2.0.4