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31st July 2007, 07:59 PM

I'm at work, so I apologize for not being able to post the configuration files at this time. Also a disclaimer; I really rather find this stuff out for myself, but I'm missing something basic and I just need a heads-up to what it may be. Thanks in advance.

In short: if a configuration file is showing the settings I would like to have, yet at restart the system pulls up incorrect information - how do I add this new info to the startup process?

I'm thinking I have to look up/learn scripting, but that's further down my to-do list as classes are requiring I pay attention to J2EE & Tomcat. Also I'm working on setting up remote login from my fc7-laptop and/or from windows this weekend, and in the wekeends that follow a secure/encrypted webstream on apache to host a nanny-cam before I start messing with scripts.... maybe I have that backwards, but anyway I only get a few hours to "play" on the computer per week =/


To describe:

I've set up various things since I switched from Windows when FC7 released, and having no formal education in linux I think I'm missing out something very basic... Mainly, there's three examples which may be completely unrelated issues but have the same symptoms.

--1) Wireless broadcom, using modprobe & bcm43xx - I can get the hardware set up using several commands; but at restart I have to do it all over again; every time.

--2) Samba, no matter how many times I save my configuration file, at restart, the security lines for user visibility to shared drives are always commented out - removing the comments fixes it every time.

--3) NVidia, running two separate sessions on an Samsung LCD screen & an Envision LCD (detected as CRT b/c of analog) screen. The LCD is at 1360x768, and the LCD/CRT is at 1274x768. Restarting sets the LCD/CRT to 1360x768 every time, even though the xconf file has the correct settings. I'm not using twinview or xinerama.

I'm assuming setting up some sort of start up script to just do what I've been manually doing at startup would... err... duct tape the problems. I know it's probably something a bit deeper on each situation, but I'm trying to move forward and patch the problems until I get my setup back to the way I had it with windows... then I can go back and fix the problems manually.

Anyway, am I headed the right way? Should I be looking at something else? Again, may sound weird, but I'm not looking for a "solution" to the above problems - just a heads up if there's something that's inherit to Linux that I haven't caught on to yet, or if I should just not restart the system until the setup is complete and work on each issue individually.

Chris / covand

31st July 2007, 09:23 PM
What commands do you use to fix the bcm43xx issue?

1st August 2007, 01:21 AM
What commands do you use to fix the bcm43xx issue?


A person named charlie_D posted about it a while ago, I followed post #1 and then was unable to
connect, but making the changes that he speaks about in post 6 brought the hardware online. I've got this below as a vi file (though by now I've memorized it, sigh) and every time I restart the laptop I just type it in, then the hardware comes up and I can get on wireless.

(read the post, there's more to it than below, you have to download bcm43xx and the fwcutter thing, run it once, and then run the commands below...)

echo 'blacklist bcm43xx' >> /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist
modprobe -r bcm43xx
modprobe -r ieee80211softmac
modprobe -r ieee80211_crypt
modprobe -r ieee80211
modprobe -r bcm43xx_mac80211
modprobe bcm43xx_mac80211

then restart NetworkManager and NetworkManagerDispatcher