View Full Version : Fedora 7 Update Problem: The panels all dissapear.

28th July 2007, 04:28 PM

My Fedora 7 machine has experianced a downgrade in its desktop following updates. All desktop decorations and panels have dissapeared.

I downloaded the DVD iso image and burned it on my WindowsXP box.(I feel dirty every time I use the XP machine. Good thing I'm washable.) I installed Fedora 7 on my other box with no problems at all. I had accepted the defaults for all options during the install.

The box was in use mainly by my wife to browse the internet with Firefox when a notification asserted itself upon the monitor.

I did not record the message word for word but it meant that there are more than 400 packages that have updates. I am a man with faith so I accepted the entire set.

Now as most of us know, you can go far with faith and likewise with intelligence. However, you can go further when you have both.

I probably should have used some intelligence to go with that faith when I was posed with the question, "Should I accept more than 400 updates?" Water under the bridge.

Has anyone else seen this? Is there an intelligent thing to do now that I am in this situation?

Have a truly wonderful day!