View Full Version : Making a boot disk for F7

28th July 2007, 12:13 PM
Hey guys...

Alright, I'm a noob when it comes to linux - I've messed around with it in the past, but nothing to major. I have a Linux class coming up, so I wanted to go ahead and install so I'd have something to learn on. I decided to install F7.

I'm a little weary about using Grub for a bootloader(bad experience in the past), and because I'm currently dual-booting XP and Vista. I remember being able to make a boot disk, so I THOUGHT I was going to go with that method.

So after installation(I installed grub to the /boot partition, I think), I booted from the DVD and selected the third option(System Recovery or something along those lines), after I got to the prompt, I chrooted /mnt/sysimage... only to discover that mkbootdisk wasn't an option.

I don't have a floppy drive, so I need something I can burn to a CD/DVD to get this going.

Thanks in advance guys!

28th July 2007, 02:02 PM
Good Morning,
I took a quick look at one of the mirrors for Fedora and found the rescue CD iso. I've pasted the link below but you should be able to go to any of the mirrors and find the file in the same directory tree. Hope this helps.