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27th July 2007, 03:08 PM
Hi all,

I'm trying to synchronize my SVN authentication with LDAP Active Directory.
My apache server (httpd-2.2.3-5) and my SVN (version 1.4.3 (r23084)) are running on a fedora core 6 in a virtual machine (VMware server).

I was trying to follow those step-by-step (almost the only existing), but they were made with a debian.
SVN + LDAP + WebDAV (http://wiki.osuosl.org/display/LNX/Subversion+SVN+and++LDAP+and+Webdav)
Apache and SVN Authentication with Active Directory (http://www.jejik.com/articles/2007/06/apache_and_subversion_authentication_with_microsof t_active_directory/)

I'm not a huge linux-user, and right now, I'm lost...
The files aren't in the same place, with different names, same for services...

Could someone help me by, sort of "translating" those step-by-step from Debian to Fedora core ?

It would help me so much...
Thanks in advance,

27th April 2010, 10:10 AM
Hi All,

Even am lookin for such set up .

Am trying to do SVN-LDAP authentication for multi projects. Currently I have a common authz file for all the projects.


pm = Sudha,user2
dev = user1

@dev= r
@pm = rw

Kind of similar configuration for trunk and branches


Now I have configured the same authz file in apache and it works good .

AuthzSVNAccessFile /opt/svn/authz

But I need to configure multiple authz file in apache for multi projects(instead to have a common authz file(like above) for all the projects.

Access file path will get vary for project to project(like below).

AuthzSVNAccessFile /opt/svn/project1/authz

AuthzSVNAccessFile /opt/svn/project12authz

Do I need to write any script for path based authorization. Ur suggestions are most welcome.