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26th July 2007, 11:55 PM
Greetings to all:

This is my first post to this forum and am hopeful it will useful.

I had a printer configured in CUPS, and while it seemed to print OK when I had text files open in the Embedded Advanced Editor plugin of Konqueror I was unable to print from Openoffice.org Writer - even though it saw the printer OK the Print button was greyed out.

I have seen this problem before. The default install is configured to point to "Listen /var/run/cups/cups.sock" (Unix domain socket) when viewed in the Kcontrol=>Peripherals=>Printers section.

I changed (quickest way) the following section of /etc/cups/cupsd.conf manually with kdesu kwrite:

# Listen to (Port/Listen)

------ // ---------------

Port 631
Listen localhost

I rebooted the machine and Openoffice.org Writer no longer had any trouble printing to my locally (LPT1) attached Deskjet. Hope this helps someone.