View Full Version : Sound applet on Gnome panel error

30th April 2004, 06:06 AM
I have been running Fedora Core 1 for a month and a bit now and I have been pretty happy. All of a sudden however the sound applet in the Gnome panel generates errors.

Here's what happens:

1) Start XMMS, play an MP3, and get no sound
2) Click the sound applet and receive the error, "Couldn't open mixer device /dev/sound/mixer"
3) Use the volume control tool under Sound and Video from the application menu and turn up the volume
4) Now everything works fine

So I get sound but for some reason the applet stopped working. The only changes I have made to my system are upgrading to GIMP 2 (http://fedoranews.org/krishnan/tips/tip052.shtml) and adding auto mount usb drive (http://fedoranews.org/krishnan/tips/tip040.shtml) for my digital camera. Any ideas on how to fix this?