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29th June 2007, 10:20 AM
In Setting up Samba Server I had problems in that I could not see my shares on an XP based system from the network.

Carrying out a test with the Server and an XP box, showed that I could make my Samba Server appear on the XP box if I used the Administration/Server Settings/Samba Server Configuration window.

Double clicking on a displayed share here produces an editing window which allows you to change a share to Visible.

Usually I find that Samba Server Configuration will show a share as visible but then when I Double Click on the share to edit it, it won't be. However changing the visible tick box and selecting O.K. ALWAYS makes the share appear on the XP box. This is verified by using Net View.

It gets worse than this because if you try to change smb.conf manually some mechanism comes into play which comments out the browseable = yes statements in this file following a system shutdown.

In fact it is this that causes the problem. If you shut the system down then the share is not visible. You can then make it visible by using Samba Server Configuration fix described above, and so we go on again. This lasts as long as the Server is NOT switched off.

My view is that the change in Samba Server Configuration causes some memory based variable to change, whose effect is immediately felt. The mechanism that however causes a permanant change to smb.conf (if that is what it is supposed to do) is flawed.

Somehow this is causing multiple browseable = yes statements in smb.conf which are semi coloned out.

IF YOU know the problem here could you comment, and if you think it is a bug let me know how it can be reported, and where i can go to see if it has been reported.



29th June 2007, 01:45 PM
Never heard of the problem, but I'm good at temporary fixes until you find a real solution, setup your smb.conf as you want, then in rc.local do:
cp /path/to/your/smb.conf /etc/samba/smb.conf
service smb restartShould reset your samba settings back on reboot.