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29th April 2004, 07:44 PM
Hi guys this is my first post, I see you guys do a good job of answering questions so I was hoping you could help me out.

I am using Fedora Core Test 3, when I installed it and did the test sound, I heard the sound correctly.

However, when I booted into KDE, all sounds, CD Audio, MP3's and system sounds, are fuzzy and distorted. When I play an audio cd its even more fuzzy, so much that you cant even hear the vocals.

I messed with the sound mixer all day, nothing helps. I can make the sound louder but not clearer.

I have an Ensoniq sound card which I believe is a soundblaster model. Any ideas?

29th April 2004, 10:15 PM
Me has an Ensoniq ES1371 onboard (MSI 6151)
and it's running fine (playing Mod / MP3 with Xmms + MP3 addon) in KDE.
Also Playing audio CD's with KsCD is working without problems.

Vendor = Ensoniq
Model = ES1371 (Audio PC 97)
Module = snd-ens1371

But it might be someting wrong with this thing:
start Tux-Racer -> sound is avail (effects - getting a fish - are too late)
leave Tux-Racer
start chromium -> NO SOUND
leave chromium
open terminal and run system-config-soundcard as su
press "play testsound" button
-> if you hear the sound, fine - press ok
-> maybe the app freezes (and after a while it starts playing the sound, so be patient)
start chromium again -> sound is avail

3rd May 2004, 08:15 AM
I had the same problem, how I fixed it was to open kmix from the sound and video, click
advanced and then turn off IEC958

After I did that it worked like a charm no more buzzing!!!!....

25th April 2005, 11:42 AM
Hi I am using FC3 which is installed sucessfully But i am not getting the sound my sound card is also installed properly.But I am not getting any sound in the machine.Can u Help me out in this issue.