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22nd June 2007, 12:49 AM
Hey guys; I got an external monitor (CRT) that is working fine under Windows. Under that environment, I am able to drag browser or software windows to the second monitor. Now, while using Fedora, this monitors is working now, a thing that was not happening few days ago. Thanks to the forum articles, i was able to at least see something on it.

Well, under the Fedora environment, this monitor becomes number 0, since all my desktop is in it, but the laptop screen is monitor 1. If the Browser is open on the external monitor, I can not open another instance of the browser on the laptop, since it ways that the application is already open. Well, on the browser instance on the second monitor, I can file, open another instance, but just on that monitor. I can not drag and drop from one display to the other.

From the laptop display, since there are icons on the top bar, I can open any application that is not already open on the external monitor, then use any application. One thing, the system, administration, display menu, doest give a monitor name and card type for the laptop as before, but it uses the laptop card to configure the external monitor with the right driver i got from this amazing forum.

Should I leave as is and don't mess with it? Is there any way to swap displays? Will the nvidia display settings application should solve that? How is done? Do I have to save and reboot etc?


22nd June 2007, 05:25 AM
Right now you are configured to "Separate X Screens". You need to enable TWINVIEW. The nvidia settings program allows you to do this. Under "X Server Display Configuration" --> Hit the "Configure" button and select "TWINVIEW".

22nd June 2007, 05:40 AM
I was messing around there and end up with no video on any display at all, including the laptop. Had to reboot and then using another prior kernel, then logged as root, and then logged out to user, then mouse pinter was not working, plus no Beryl working, so then decided to reboot again and changed to one monitor.

This will get better, since I am getting more efficiency every time. Just some bugs and some fingers on the wrong place, but this forum is great for "messer uppers" like me.

Thanks a lot.