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17th June 2007, 10:15 AM
I don't know, what I have been doing wrong the last couple of days, but I messed up both my FC6 x86_64 and my FC7 i386 installs.

Starting with the FC6 Problem:
I installed the kmod-nvidia-xen-100.14.09... and the corresponding xorg-x11-drv-nvidia-100.14.09...
packages. The next time I started my computer it would restart whenever it would get to the graphical bootscreen. When I start interactive, i at least get a text login, but the computer tries to start the loginscreen 3 times and then tells me that xwindow server couldn't be started.
I already tried erasing the driver and installing the old one, but that didn't work.

I would love to post the log here, but unfortunatedly there are too many of them and i don't know which one is the correct one.

To my FC7 problem:

It started with the computer not shutting down correctly any more. In gnome the toolbars would dissapear and the frames of the windows, but the computer would not shut down. (Another question: is there a key combination ctrl+alt+del in win?) After a hard reset the computer started normally again. The next day i installed a couple of updates and the next time I started gnome all the windowframes were gone for good and i couldn't switch between the windows any more. Kde still works fine, thats what i am using to write this post.
I got no clue where i have to look, to fine clues on whats wrong

The Updates I did before it completely killed gnome:

Jun 17 01:43:45 Updated: libxml2.i386 2.6.29-1.fc7
Jun 17 01:43:48 Updated: xorg-x11-drv-nvidia.i386 100.14.09-2.lvn7
Jun 17 01:43:49 Updated: scim-libs.i386 1.4.5-21.fc7
Jun 17 01:43:52 Updated: xine-lib.i386 1.1.7-1.fc7
Jun 17 01:43:54 Updated: libxslt.i386 1.1.21-1.fc7
Jun 17 01:44:00 Updated: evolution-data-server.i386 1.10.2-3.fc7
Jun 17 01:44:01 Updated: liboil.i386 0.3.12-3.fc7
Jun 17 01:44:05 Updated: selinux-policy.noarch 2.6.4-14.fc7
Jun 17 01:44:08 Updated: pam.i386
Jun 17 01:44:09 Updated: libraw1394.i386 1.2.1-8.fc7
Jun 17 01:44:09 Updated: audacious-plugins-nonfree-aac.i386 1.3.5-1.lvn7
Jun 17 01:44:10 Updated: audacious-plugins-nonfree-lame.i386 1.3.5-1.lvn7
Jun 17 01:44:14 Updated: xorg-x11-server-Xorg.i386
Jun 17 01:44:15 Updated: cpuspeed.i386 1.2.1-1.59.fc7
Jun 17 01:44:17 Updated: scim.i386 1.4.5-21.fc7
Jun 17 01:44:17 Updated: audacious-plugins-nonfree-alac.i386 1.3.5-1.lvn7
Jun 17 01:44:18 Updated: net-tools.i386 1.60-82.fc7
Jun 17 01:44:29 Updated: selinux-policy-targeted.noarch 2.6.4-14.fc7
Jun 17 01:44:30 Updated: audacious-plugins-nonfree-wma.i386 1.3.5-1.lvn7
Jun 17 01:44:31 Updated: libxml2-python.i386 2.6.29-1.fc7
Jun 17 01:44:31 Updated: audacious-plugins-nonfree-tta.i386 1.3.5-1.lvn7
Jun 17 01:44:55 Updated: gnome-power-manager.i386 2.18.3-1.fc7
Jun 17 01:44:56 Updated: audacious-plugins-nonfree-mms.i386 1.3.5-1.lvn7
Jun 17 01:44:57 Updated: audacious-plugins-nonfree-mp3.i386 1.3.5-1.lvn7

thanks alot in advance

20th June 2007, 12:40 AM
please someone help me.

At least tell me where I can find the log which shows why X Window isnt starting any more

20th June 2007, 01:14 AM
You should have a non-Xen kernel to boot into at the grub splash, try selecing that non-Xen kernel and see if it fixes your problem.

20th June 2007, 01:32 AM
Well, I do have the F7 (on which gnome isnt working any more) which is non-xen, but my FC6 has always been xen and if there was a non-xen kernel i cant find it?

20th June 2007, 03:09 AM
Don't know if this will help, (I don't use GNOME) but have you looked for .rpmnew files and compared any differences. Try

locate .rpmnew

Then do diff <file> <file>.rpmnew and see if anything has changed. don't change /etc/localtime or /usr/share/a2ps/afm/fonts.map as these will hurt your system. Look especially for gnome related files. Best of luck. :cool:

20th June 2007, 09:26 PM
The only .rpmnew i could find was system-auth. it had a couple more lines, but i cant see how that would (partially) crash my gnome

21st June 2007, 07:37 AM
Yippie, my Gnome is working again.
I dont know the reason for that, but i deleted a couple of packages i never used (especially Bluetooth-related packages).

This only leaves my FC6 Problem....

And thanks for the help so far