View Full Version : Can't install FC7 on IBM - lenovo T60 laptop

11th June 2007, 04:43 AM
FC6 and Suse 10.2 work fine with this laptop, however I can't even get FC7 to install.

This is an IBM - lenovo T60 WideScreen with an ATI X1400 ( Type: 8741 CTO ).

I'm having the exact same issue as reported in this thread dealing with FC7 RC4:

As suggested in that thread, adding "video=vesafb vga=ask" I've tried all modes with no success.

Again, this is on install so I'm not even at a point of having an ATI Driver/Xorg issue yet as the driver hasn't been loaded.

With the Live CD I eventually get to a point where there is a messed up text screen with "The display server has been shutdown about 6 times in the last 90 seconds. It is likely that something bad is going on."

Any ideas?