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9th June 2007, 07:05 PM
I'm new to this forum and i need desperate help.

I had bought a Acer Travelmate 2410 model 2413Nlci for second hand. When i bought the dealer said that they couldn't find the drivers of the wifi card and the lan card, and they said that they would get the drivers and give it to me the next day, the laptop looked really neat, not much scratches, looked like it hadn;t been used much. I purchased it, then they started making excusese for the drivers and i searched on the net and got it,

When installing the wifi card, the drivers recognized the Broadcomm wifi card and at the end of this installation i get an error that the .inf file is not recognized, then in device managaer under network cards, it shows the wifi card with a yellow question mark.

The Lan card wouldn;t take the drivers, a pci card is shown in device manager, but it just doesn't take the drivers.

After buying it i realized that there was a distortion from the right speaker, later on after watching a few dvds both the speakers got damaged.

I had given it to an acer service centre and they said that the speaker doesn't work no more and a controller ic is the culprit to the lan and wifi card, which would cost like to 2000- 3000Rs(47-60$) to replace. The engineer told that it would'nt cause any other problems so it would be better to leave as is if i didn't use the wifi. They had reinstalled the OS and they said that the installation was corrupted and i had to reinstall it, the OS wouldn't shut down properly and the DVD Drive was not present in My Computer.

So i fresh installed Windows XP with SP2 and everythings look good, cd drive present, connected my phone to it, used GPRS internet and then i shut it down.

After some time, i switch it on again and in My Computer there is no DVD Drive and when i connect my phone it doesn't detect it but my phone was getting usb charged. I restarted and went into BIOS, it was showing my DVD Drive, and changed boot properties and set the hard drive to boot first and saved the BIOS and restarted.

Next the computer takes like 3-4 minutes to move from the Acer Splash screen and i get the following error
PCI System Error on Bus/Device/Function 0000h
PCI Parity Error on Bus/Device/Function 0628h
PCI Parity Error on Bus/Device/Function 0648h

Then i removed the USB mouse that was connected all that time and restarted and then everything went to normal.

The next day when i switched on the PC the same problem, no CD Drive and then the same error while restarting.

Could this error be because the engineer in the service centre didn't plug any of the buses properly and something like that because this error was never seen before.

Right now i'm at a total loss, I would really appreciate everyone's input, thanks.

9th June 2007, 09:23 PM
I would send it back since it was not doing this before repair. Other option is maybe ask this question on one of the Windows forums. Might be able to directly you to some free Window utilities to help identify problems.


9th June 2007, 09:32 PM
Install Fedora ;)