View Full Version : Cudos to the fedora team

3rd June 2007, 02:21 PM
Cudos, to the fedora team. If i were to compare this to my fc6 install, this was superb. I wont say there weren't any glitches; for the first time in all the fedora releases there was no sound after the install. I fixed that by installing alsa something using yum. when i looked at the logs the alsamixer and alsa something else was not found. I setup selinux to be enforcing and every time my browser tries to install something there would be the star thing on my task bar, so i had to change that to permissive.

Only one thing really bothered me after the install, I have radion card, and in all my past installs I could get higher screen resolutions. but now that is limited to 1024x768, How can i change that.

I forgot to mention one other thing I installed vista at my parents house, and that installation took me a good 10 hrs compared to about 30 mins on f7
Thanks yall for a great OS :)