View Full Version : Need some helps in F7

3rd June 2007, 10:23 AM
Hi, i am using laptop sony vaio vgn-fs740/W.
I have some problems:

1/ I can not find the functions suspend/hibernate on my F7. I heard that other ppl' laptop can do suspen/hibernate. I had these functions on my FC5, but does not work. Where is my suspend/hibernate functions in my F7???
2/ Big suprise :eek: . I CAN CHANGE MY LAPTOP SCREEN REFRESH RATE. Really, i even can't do this in Windows and FC5. My default static refresh rate is 60Hz, in F7, i can change up to 85Hz. Is is dangerous to change my screen refresh rate when it is not even supported in Windows?
3/ I wonder that does F7 has Eclipse? Cuz i made full installation but i cant find Eclipse in my F7.
4/ My laptop have the Magic Gate (this word is written near this port, i am not sure whether it is a correct name or not). My problem is the light for this port is always on. How can i turn this port off? Without using it, there will be a leaking battery power. (This port did not light on in my FC5).