View Full Version : The "Suspend Computer" function doesn't work for me

2nd June 2007, 07:47 AM
I have Fedora Core 6 and use KDE.

In FC-6 you have the option to suspend the computer, (so you don't have to reboot). To do this you select the "Suspend Computer" function. It's one of four choices you get when you bring up the "End Session for <user>" dialog box. But it doesn't work for me.

When I select it, it fairly quickly shuts off my machine. It seems normal. But when I turn my machine back on it does absolutely nothing. I have to use reset and boot up again.

I have an eVGA motherboard, with an SLI chip set and an AMD 64 bit, dual core processor, #4200. With 3 GB of memory and a 200 GB hard drive.

A guy who works as a tech for a computer company said I should tell of my equipment in the forums and ask for help. He also said APCI might be involved. Do you need to do any setup to make this work?