View Full Version : Wireless Woes

1st June 2007, 07:09 AM
Ok I have a wireless card that uses
modprobe bcm43xx to work. I cant rember the other details of the card at this time. Anyway the first day I had the computer I configured the card and began using putty from my laptop to configure it to run isp config. Well I got to the set where it says to do a system update and ran the command
yum -y update && reboot I left it over night and in the morning the screen was blank and it appeared to be frozen, so I shut it off and restarted. Noe putty says connection refused when I try to connect. I have tried from different computers and iptables along with selinux are disabled. What is wrong with my ssh? On the computer itself I can do
ssh localhost and get a response but
ssh current_local_IP_address_here doesn't.