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1st June 2007, 02:47 AM
Usually I use the even# releases. I am running Zod full time which has got customized to my needs over time. The very thought of backing up those thousand and one files- formatting the partition and loading Moonshine is scaring me. But I am feeling left out :( . Will update work? (tried once with one of the early fedora, learned my lesson). What is your suggestion about backup? Will post the list of applications I use and the hardware shortly :) .

William Haller
1st June 2007, 03:58 AM
I doubt if anyone will want to give you a definitive answer to your question.

I have updated with each FC release, and plan to do so with F7 as well. No major problems - just pay attention to all the /etc/*.rpm* files and do the proper things (either migrate your *.rpmsave custom configurations to the newer configuration file or see what is new in the *.rpmnew file and make adjustments as needed to your normal configuration files).

That said, there have been a great many major package changes with a lot of differences between FC1 and FC6. FC7 adds more, although perhaps not as drastic a changes as some others have given us. X has moved to a new server, KDE and Gnome have made many steps forward. Apache has made a big shift from 2.0 to 2.2 with changes to the config files required, kernel updates, gcc changes, se-linux, et cetera. I usually don't recommend just doing a fresh install, but if you have a spare disk, this really might be a good time to do a fresh install, mount your old disk separately and manually move across.

I guess my best recommendation would be to do a complete backup first, then do an incremental backup of all files changed since your upgrade.log was written, and make sure both work. Make sure both backups use relative pathnames. Try the upgrade. You might get lucky, although you may be cursing under your breath by the time you get all the config files straight again. At a minimum, you'll probably have to wipe your Gnome or KDE user config files and start over there. If it fails, or you just give up with all the changes, do a fresh install and then restore the incremental backup to a temporary directory and use repeated diffs to get the new configuration files whipped into shape.

The pain of doing an upgrade once every few months is annoying, but the alternative can be quite painful as well.

William Haller
1st June 2007, 04:09 AM
It might also be useful before starting to pull up the release notes of each fedora core release post-Zod just for a refresher of what all has changed.

1st June 2007, 02:52 PM
I've heard on this forum that with getting F7, it's best to do a fresh install. So back up your home directory and anything else you want, and then reformat your partition and then have at it

1st June 2007, 03:15 PM
Thanks folks! see you at Fedora 8...........

1st June 2007, 03:39 PM
Just wanted to say I am in the same boat. My install of FC6 is now perfect, I am in the middle of an 8 week college semester with 2 term papers due on top of the 3 class load and still trying to half run a business. Man, I feel so left out, but...Even though I am running a dual boot with debian etch so i do have a backup OS and not only a shared partition but a shared 400GB drive between them along with another mirrored 400GB drive on this computer AND a backup network drive for my most important stuff, I just wont take the chance. I am not going to be lazy even though it is tempting. I just need to wait a few weeks till i am out of the woods for this term and then rip FC6 out and put F7 in. In the meantime I am hoping the mad rush peters out so by the time I am ready it shouldnt be much problem. Have to admit though that I had Kget running last night and I am 3/4 done with the F7 live CD. (Gnome :) ((yeah)))

William Haller
1st June 2007, 03:55 PM
I might add that there hasn't seemed to be any particular difference between even and odd releases. Each has added something new. Some packages see major changes on the even, some on the odd, and others change all the time. Don't wait for F8, under the assumption that it will be a 'stable' branch.

I haven't noticed any such thing in the Fedora world. They are all 'basically stable' after the first round of updates arrive. If you have other reasons for waiting, by all means do so. Just don't operate under any assumption that the next release will be safer.

In fact, there have been fewer huge changes between F7 and F6 which might make F7 somewhat more stable than F7-F8 might end up being out of the box.

2nd June 2007, 12:10 AM
After fedora 8 release you have only one month before updates for FC6 stops- so face the challange when you have to :D . Till then i will be satisfied with the live CD... that is the best part of F7. cheers.

2nd June 2007, 06:03 PM
Yeah and I read that they are going to try and release Fedora every six months. I'm not going to try and keep up with that, I have too much stuff running and set up. It takes me quite a while to get a distro the way I want it.

2nd June 2007, 06:15 PM
Yeah and I read that they are going to try and release Fedora every six months. I'm not going to try and keep up with that, I have too much stuff running and set up. It takes me quite a while to get a distro the way I want it.

I'll come over and set it up for you! :) You supply the beer :D

2nd June 2007, 10:51 PM
I just upgraded my FC6 system to F7 last night. It installed 28 new packages, none of them very big. If you have an ATI card and are using the proprietary fglrx driver, you may want to put off the upgrade for a few weeks, when ATI releases a new driver that supports the new xorg version in F7. That was the only thing in the upgrade that was a problem for me, although I had heard about it before and so I had already planned to move back to the free xorg radeon driver, which is working fine for me in F7. Everything else in the upgrade went smoothly. I'd say that doing a fresh install is not necessary, but it's your choice.